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Intelligence Investigations and Special Operations

Abir has a unique ability to gather intelligence, conduct targeted investigations, as well as plan and execute special operations.

The investigations division in Abir employs the best investigators in the country and was a partner in cracking and interpreting thousands of complex investigation files and bringing evidence that helped its clients in proving their claims in the legal courts.

In light of the workload in the police, a situation has arisen in which it prioritizes handling cases of severe violence and drugs and postpones the cases that are not as important, such as thefts from factories, fraud in companies, neighbor disputes, thefts from the employers, betrayals, locating missing persons and more.

In these and many other cases, all that is left for the citizen is to seek the help of a private investigator who will help them obtain the necessary evidence and act with it.

In many cases even in alleged criminal incidents such as domestic violence, violence in kindergartens, sexual harassment and more, the police will act only after the complainant presents unequivocal evidence of the commission of the crime and this can only be achieved through a private investigator.

In economic matters, in the State of Israel, as in other countries, there is no body that will help the citizen to collect debts and usually he will be directed to locate the debtor and his assets independently.

A private investigator has the ability to get to the information that the debtor is trying to hide, including locating it physically in Israel and around the world, as well as locating assets in the name of the debtor or in his use, which will usually be hidden by sophisticated methods from the public eye.

In the commercial business field – intelligence and investigations are one of the main tools used by the security directors, the intelligence coordinator and the management of the organization to reach reliable and well-founded information that will allow companies and organizations to make decisions, to defend themselves against people and actions intended to harm them and their assets in safeguarding the interests of the organization.

assets in safeguarding the interests of the organization
Abir, in addition to the intelligence and investigations it provides as part of the security management service in organizations, also provides a service of targeted investigations in specific cases of targeted suspicions. Abir performs all types of investigations for its clients – investigations at the scene of the incident, frontal investigations, cyber investigations.

In the area of the individual and the family – the private investigations are sometimes the only way out for the citizens in many cases where they run into problems concerning the various areas of life and they want to obtain evidence for the purpose of presenting it to the law authorities, the courts, and even among their family members – investigations to locate property and people, locating missing persons, Marital investigations, Domestic violence, sexual offenses and more.

The company submits meticulous investigative reports for the benefit of its clients’ future use in front of various forums.