Abir Intelligence & Security Services

About Us

Abir, The largest company in Israel that has been operating for three decades nationally and internationally and provides intelligence and security services facing the full range of threats and risks that encompass all areas of life for the citizen, the organization and the business.

All intelligence and security services under one roof. Familiarity with the operational and business world, uncompromising professionalism and discretion are at the heart of Abir’s unique security activity.

Abir was established in 1996, the company specializes in providing solutions and services in the field of intelligence and security in the business, government and private sectors in Israel and abroad.

“Professionalism, talented and skilled personnel, creativity, loyalty and discretion, and above all reliability in execution and reporting are what made Abir a leader in the field of intelligence and security services in Israel”
The company works in the field of security on all levels: intelligence, investigations, reliability and polygraph, organizational security management, depreciation and loss prevention, protection systems, investigative audit and control, crisis management, risk management, construction planning and management of security systems, security surveys, red teams, trainings, Training and dedicated equipment.

The company’s activity is divided into a number of professional divisions, which operate as one part and together provide a comprehensive response and solutions to the various customer requirements and needs

All of the company’s capabilities are “in-house” and are carried out by the company’s employees without the involvement of subcontractors or external parties. This strategy positions and promotes the transformation of the Abir company into a leader in its field.

Over the years, Abir has been working to prevent, expose and thwart organized crime, including: theft, fraud, damage, vandalism, cold/hot embezzlement, violence and more.

The CEO of the company and its founder Mr. Yanir Melech, a graduate of the military boarding school in Haifa, an officer in an elite unit, a former member of the security services of the State of Israel and served as a special operations officer in the IDF. Has extensive experience in managing institutional and civil security systems and is considered one of the experts in the field of managing civil security systems and providing services to private citizens and business companies in Israel and around the world.

Abir’s field and security personnel are professionals with a rich background and experience in the field of security, intelligence, investigationsand control, and have served for many years in Israel’s various intelligence and security services.

Abir works in full cooperation with government bodies, including the Israel Police, GSS, Customs and various government ministries.
Abir leads the issue of logistics chain security in Israel in cooperation with international customs bodies.
The company makes sure to keep up to date with the various security fields and adapt itself to the changes and risks occurring in Israel and the world and issues regular publications on topics that will serve its customers in Israel and the world on security issues, Corona, global developments, travel warnings, prevention of industrial espionage and works by all legal means to protect its customers and give them the most tools to do so.

Abir has all the licenses to operate in its field in Israel and around the world, has comprehensive insurances, is a member of international professional associations, works according to the ISO 9001 standard and is an authorized supplier of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense.
Abir Company commits to provide a professional service, while maintaining discretion and professional ethics, believes in providing quality service, while adapting the security needs of the client.