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שירותי רמא"ר (רכז מודיעין ארגוני) קב"ט מנהל ביטחון - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

Abir global Security Services is the leading company in the field of corporate security in Israel and brings unique expertise, based on many years of accumulated experience as well as a fusion of tools from the world of institutional security and the world of industry, commerce and the public sector.

Abir company makes available to its customers professional and skilled intelligence coordinators and security managers, who have a rich background in the field of investigations, intelligence and security, which are regularly backed up and strengthened by the management chain and all the company’s departments (such as Regional Managers, investigations, polygraphs, advanced security technologies, intelligence desk , and more).

Abir Company provides the intelligence coordinators with all the advanced tools and means in order to provide the organization in which they serve, the most professional and comprehensive service. We believe that the management of organizational security should be entrusted to a professional company that has all the capabilities, tools, knowledge and experience.

Abir’s security managers are qualified and oriented to protect the organization’s business interests according to its requirements, needs and priorities, all without interfering with its regular operations.

The security officers of Abir Company are qualified to manage the overall security in the company and to protect the business interests of the organization according to its requirements. All this, without interfering with the day-to-day operation of the organization and while giving special attention to its customers and their requirements.

שירותי רמא"ר (רכז מודיעין ארגוני) קב"ט מנהל ביטחון - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

CICSM services (Corporate Intelligence Coordinator / security manager)

Abir developed the role of “Corporate Intelligence Coordinator” and his role is the management of organizational security, building internal and external organizational intelligence infrastructure with the aim of preventing, exposing, and thwarting organizational crime and dealing with negative phenomena that harm organizations.
The CICSM activity is continuously and permanently accompanied by Abir’s management chain and by our professional units which include Technology Division, Reliability Division, Unit for Combating Organized Crime, Intelligence and Data Mining Desk, Analysts, Investigations and Special Operations Division.

ביצוע חקירות מורכבות - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

Depreciation and loss prevention and risk management

Depreciation is an apparently natural loss in production processes and business activity, and most organizations in Israel and in the world treat depreciation as fate without delving into the real factors and reasons from which it arises.
Organizations set depreciation targets for themselves in advance, ranging from 0.5%-3% of the activity turnover and live with these percentages in peace. Abir works to find unexplained or higher than reasonable depreciation and loss as a result of negative intra-organizational activity, criminal activity, negligence, lack of professionalism and in some cases a gap resulting from a lack of care and attitude towards the company’s property and assets and risk management accordingly.

פשיעה ארגונית, שחיטות ארגונית - אביר מודיעין וביטחון

Corruption, Bribery and Corporate crime

The problem of corruption hinders the development of markets, drives away investors, increases the costs of business activity, drives away honest and professional employees, undermines the organizational/management framework and damages the trust of the employees towards the organization, managers and the business activities.
A common saying is that an employee can steal an apple from a production line, but a senior manager can steal the entire production line and corruption is characterized by the ability to cause devastating damage to the company to the point of closing it down. The main characteristic of corruption in an organization is receiving favors (*bribes), in return or expecting a return from the briber. Generally, the best solution for dealing with the risks of corruption and corporate crime is to let Abir professional agents handle the subject.

ביטחון השרשרת הלוגיסטית - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

Supply chain security

Over the years, Abir developed a unique expertise in the field of supply chain security, which is used as a key target by anti-money laundering and criminal elements who take advantage of it to transport illegal drugs and people on the one hand, and the weak points in the supply chain for the benefit of theft on the other.
The supply chain security is a doctrine in itself that employs the best agencies in the world. Over the years, we developed a unique expertise in this field chain from the starts and up to the tiniest touches that meets the highest international standards and regulations.

קניין רוחני

Intellectual Property

Every business company has assets and intellectual property is among the most valuable and sensitive of them. Theft of intellectual property is carried out in many ways that include cyber, HUMINT, leakage of physical documents, industrial espionage, cooperation of internal parties with competition parties and more.
Sometimes and especially in many cases of manufacturers who produce a product for a “brand”, the intellectual property belongs to their customers and part of their job is to protect it.
Failure to comply and protect the brand endangers the continuation of the contract with the customer and exposes the manufacturer to huge fines and lawsuits. The Abir company makes available to its customers a long list of measures and methods of action designed to keep the company’s intellectual property – in the company.

חקירות כלכליות ואיתור נכסים - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

Reliability tests

Human capital was and remains the most important element in any organization whatsoever. Whether it is a workplace, an organization of people or a group of one kind or another, the mere knowledge that they receive quality people with a high moral level and considerable qualities, are an added value that will give you confidence and success for the rest of the way.
Before you are going to recruit new employees to your ranks, using reliability tests as a preliminary tool to evaluate the candidate in front of you, may lead to significant success in the recruitment process.
With that being said, this is an opportunity to prevent you, God forbid, from recruiting an employee without the appropriate qualifications or one whose scale of values does not coincide with the organization’s perceptions.