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Supply chain security, preparation for standard inspections

ביטחון השרשרת הלוגיסטית - אביר ביטחון ומודיעין

By the very activity of the supply chain, it is a weak spot. Most of its activity is carried Outside the boundaries of the organization and most of the goods and resources in the hands of external factors.

Over the years, Abir has developed a unique expertise in the field of logistics chain security.

The logistics chain serves as a major target for illegal and criminal elements who exploit it to transport illegal drugs and people on the one hand and the weak points in the chain to benefit thefts on the other.

Securing the logistics chain is a doctrine in itself that keeps the best security agencies in the world busy.

Over the years, Abir company has developed a unique expertise in the field of securing the logistics chain from the ground up.

This expertise meets international standards and has been praised by international customs and security organizations that conduct inspections for clients trained by the company in this area.