• Security Consulting
    Security consulting to leading manufacturers and corporations, particularly in Israel. Continue Reading...
  • Investigations
    Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as a Private Investigative Firm, Abir Global Security Services' Investigative Division performs a variety of complex investigations. Continue Reading...
  • Polygraph Institute
    One of the leading Polygraph Institute's in Israel and has performed a variety of tests for our private and business clients. Continue Reading...
  • Security Systems
    Abir Global Security Services Security System & Communication Division provides our clients with technological solutions for protection, security, prevention and decoding. Continue Reading...
  • Supply Chain Security
    Abir Global Security Services is a leader in training and preparing organizations to comply with the C-TPAT program. Continue Reading...

Abir Global Security Services

Abir Global Security Services, established in 1995 by Yanir Melech, is a renowned company offering a wide range of unique and creative security services and solutions to its long list of clients which includes major corporations, government organizations, as well as the general public.

From its corporate headquarters in Israel, and through several strategic partners around the world, Abir Security Services has lead the way in creating a secure environment by offering the most advanced security solutions available today. Each one of our services is tailor made to suit the needs and requirements of our clients, enabling optimal results without interference with their business activities. We are available to all our current and future clients 24/7/365.

All company employees are qualified security professionals with extensive operational experience in the private, corporate and public sectors. In order to provide our clients with the highest level of service, we adhere to a strict company policy of staying current and up-to-date with various innovations, directions and trends, as well as with constantly changing and evolving threats.

Abir Security Services is owned by Mr. Yanir Melech. As Chief Executive Officer, he oversees and manages the day to day activities of the company. Yanir began his career in the Israel Defense Forces, serving as a Special Forces Officer in an elite counter-terrorism unit. Yanir participated in high profile, covert operations which ultimately uncovered and deterred several severe security threats to Israel and the region. Following his military service, Yanir continued his career with the ISA (Secret Service).

Yanir’s vast experience in security related matters was extremely beneficial to his transition into the private sector and becoming one of the leading security professionals in Israel and the EMEA region.