Supply Chain Security

The C-TPAT Program

The C-TPAT program was established as a voluntary program by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, designed to secure U.S. Borders. The program serves companies and importers in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico, with the purpose of adjusting their logistical security level. C-TPAT members and their business partners worldwide obligate themselves to meet the highest level of security in their supply chain. Today, more than 10,000 members have been certified as C-TPAT compliant.


  • Manufacturer's from the U.S.A., Canada and Mexicp interested in obtaining
  • C-TPAT certification are required to provide the details of their worldwide business partners.
  • The companies receive specific security criteria they have to adhere to and a supply chain security questionnaire that they must pass on to their international business partners. The company's level of supply chain security is determined by the details given by their business partners.
  • A company that is C-TPAT certified receives certain benefits when importing their products into the U.S.A.

Although the C-TPAT program is a voluntary program, some believe that eventually,
participation will become obligatory. For this reason, when an export company is asked by a U.S. importing company if they meet the supply chain security criteria set by the C-TPAT, we highly recommend and encourage you to participate in the program. By not participating, you take the risk of losing business to a competitor that meets the standards of the C-TPAT program.