Security System

Intercom Systems

  • Consultation, design and installation of Intercom Systems
  • Intercom and security systems for private homes, condominiums, institutions, organizations, factories, businesses, and more.
  • Matching and modifying systems to meet the customers needs and requirements.
  • Integrated camera and intercom systems.
  • Intercom systems with numbered code acsess and or biometric readers.
  • Advanced locking systems.
  • Water proof Intercom System
  • Control of locking mechanism via telephone in homes and businesses.
  • Intercom Systems meeting the standards of the explosive-proof industry.


  • Consultation, design and installation of public address systems and amplification.
  • High quality audio solutions based on the needs and requirements of the client.
  • Installation of integrated systems combining radio, CD, AUX services to entrances of factories and government sites.
  • Installation of emergency public address systems.
  • Installation of class schedule alarm system in schools.
  • Installation of high quality indoor and outdoor speakers to play music and ringtomes.


  • Consultation and installation of high quality recording systems in accordance with the customers needs and requirements.
  • DVR systems and camera with MPG-4 compression of up to 4/8/16/32 or 264 H compression including network connections.
  • Standalone DVR camera systems 264.H with up to 4/8/16 compression including netwrok connections.
  • NVR and camera systems with IP recording. Up to 128 cameras on one screen.
  • Viewing over the IP network/internet and on mobile phones.