Security System

Alarm Systems

  • Consulting, design and installation of wired and wireless alarm systems.
  • Fast, professional and discreet service provided by expert security professionals in the business and private sector.
  • Modifying existing technology to meet the customers needs and requirements.
  • Immediate response to the clients location whenever requested.
  • Utilizing the most advanced equipment from leading security equipment providers in the world such as Rookonte, PIMA, etc…
  • Operating Software allowing multiple users to log on and the ability set certain criteria to analyze specific incidents.
  • Utilization of the most advance detectors and sensors. Wireless systems allowing 27 wireless alarm components and 2 hard wired components.
  • Option to install wireless components such as loudspeaker horns, remote controls, operating keyboards and panic button.
  • Option to connect to the security alarm and camera systems to multiple users via cellular alerts.