Transcription Services

Abir Global Security Services offers its clients professional transcription services. This service is performed by professional and experienced transcriptionists. Abir Global Security Services recognizes the significance of submitting true and accurate evidentiary material to the court system and/or any other legal department. We have built and created a systematic quality assurance system in order to present the most reliable and error-free material to our clients. Subsequent to a precise analysis of the transcribed material, another transcriptionist then reviews and analyzes the material, yet again. The material is then reviewed and approved by the department manager.

Our multi-lingual staff is able to transcribe in all languages including, but not limited to, Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Romanian and many more.

Our clients receive two copies of the transcribed material. Additional copies are provided at the client's request. The transcribed material is signed by Abir Global Security services and is recognized by the Israel Judicial System as well as all other International Judicial Systems.

In addition, we offer our clients forensic examination and interpretation of all transcribed material submitted by the opposing party in their legal case; in order to verify and/or refute the material. Our professional opinion is recognized and accepted by all Judicial Systems.

In the event of an urgent or rush case, we are available to our clients at a moment's notice. Our transcriber's will work to provide the "rush" material within twenty four hours.