Neighbor Dispute / Harassment

Neighbor dispute and harassment situation occurrence incidents are a common problem in Israel and the region. There are some that say that this problem has become a "cult phenomenon" and a plague in Israel.

There are unique conditions that force residents that live together or near each other to deal with different cultures, ideas and perceptions. This can lead to power struggles and complex legal issues.

Many people live very close to each other with only a wall or ceiling separating entire families from each other. Common areas such as public shelters, elevators, trash rooms, yards, etc… are fertile ground for conflicts and quarrels. A new neighbor from a "different world" can undermine the status quo of a community with long term, veteran residents.

Our investigators have encountered many cases involving destruction of property, verbal threats, sabotage, harassment and unfortunately extreme cases leading to physical violence and murder.

Neighbor disputes are a very sensitive issue and a serious argument can easily flare up after several years of pent up tension and conflict.

Our Investigative Division has set up an investigative unit that only handles this issue in order to provide our clients with professional and creative solutions to deal with this problem. Our investigators will provide the necessary legal evidence needed to present to the judicial system. We bring to the table several years of experience in matters like these; ultimately, majority of the time providing a solution to the problem out of court.

Abir Global Security Services specializes in neighbor dispute and harassment cases and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.