Missing Persons

In a situation where a family member, friend, or child goes missing, it is critical to act immediately and take quick and effective action to locate the missing individual and return them safely to their family and friends.

Statistically, more than 4,000 people go missing in Israel every year where a percentage of them are never seen or heard from again. In the United States, 976,000 people go missing every year. It has been said that every person is an entire world; therefore, cases in which a family member or friend go missing, your reality becomes a statistic.

There are certain groups that are more susceptible to go missing. For example, children, the elderly, Alzheimer patients, the mentally ill, travelers, cult members, etc… Missing persons can be divided into two group, voluntary (runaways) and involuntary (victims of criminal offenses).

Abir Global Security Services' Missing Persons Division has built a methodical investigative strategy designed to immediately be put into action upon learning that a person has gone missing.

Our investigators immediately join the missing person's family in locating their loved one. We provide constant guidance to the family throughout the investigation. We will work "tooth and nail" to locate the missing person as fast as possible.

In the event that the missing person is not located in the first few hours of his or her disappearance, our investigator's will initiate a comprehensive investigation that includes, but is not limited to, interviews of friends and witnesses, research of communication such as emails and social networking sites, area searches, etc…

Our Missing Persons Division has experience in locating missing persons both domestically and internationally. We recently were hired to locate a missing Israeli Bedouin girl which we successfully located in the outskirts of Sweden. In addition, we successfully located a kidnapped girl in a detached cottage in the Ridge Mountain area of Alberta, Canada.