Infidelity - Divorce

In today's modern age, the phenomenon of divorce has become a common trend in relationships. Every year, hundreds of married couples turn to divorce court. At this stage, one spouse in the relationship obtains the professional assistance of a Private Investigator in order to prove their claim against their spouse.

One of the main reasons for divorce is infidelity and the existence of a third party in the legal relationship. The cheating spouse will work very hard to conceal his betrayal, whether it be through lying, deception and fraud. Obtaining evidence against a cheating spouse entails similar elusive techniques by the utilizing surveillance, technological devices and investigations.

Another issue that arises during the divorce process is the financial aspect. In the event that one of the parties tries to conceal any income or assets, conflict will break out when common property and child support payments are awarded by the court based on erroneous information. A Private Investigator has the ability to locate any hidden assets, properties, income and prove to the court that fraud has taken place. A prime example would be if a spouse register's their vehicle to a third party, but in fact is the sole driver and owner of the vehicle. The Investigator will prove that the registration is fraudulent and prove to the court that the vehicle is owned by the spouse.

Our Investigative Division specializes in Matrimonial Investigations (Infidelity/Divorce). Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in these types of investigations. This has led us to develop a specialized method of dealing with infidelity investigations; ultimately, resulting in the highest success rate in our office.

All of our marital investigations our conducted by professionally licensed and creative investigators. We use the best equipment available today and the company constantly revises its policies, procedures and investigative techniques to stay in line with the ever-changing laws, regulations and standards in our industry. All evidence delivered to our client's stands up in court (whether it be Civil, Criminal, Rabbinical) with a high degree of effectiveness; ultimately, giving our client's the edge they need during their trial.

At the end of every case, our customers receive a detailed report, as well as any photographic evidence or any other relevant information obtained during the course of the investigation. In summary, if you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, we strongly recommend that you investigate the matter before making any rash decision on conclusions.

It is important to remember, that in the event your spouse is indeed cheating on you and you plan to use this fact during legal proceedings, it is essential that you hire a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance in order to obtain the necessary evidence that will stand up in court.