Financial Investigations / Asset Searches

Does someone owe you money? Has the person that owes you money disappeared? What do you do?

The State of Israel does not intervene and help its citizens if they are having trouble collecting their debt.

There are those who define Israel as a shelter for white collar criminals; specifically those involved on financial fraud, which hide behind privacy protection laws. In this situation, all that a law-biding can do to recover his money or assets is hire a Private Investigator.

Abir Global Security Services' Financial Investigative division can assist you in locating any debtor, whether in Israel or abroad. We are able to track, locate and recover your assets or money that is owed to you.

The Abir Financial Investigative Division offers the following services:

  • Locating the Debtor
  • Locating Bank Accounts.
  • Locating Sources of Income
  • Finding Rights in Insurance Companies and Provident Funds.
  • Finding Real Estate
  • Locating Vehicle Ownership
  • Locating Legal Cases/Records Searches
  • Locating Heirs / Inheritance
  • And more…

Our Financial Investigative Staff will conduct a thorough forensic examination on the debtor and locate all assets owed. A detailed report of all the evidence is then handed to the client so that they may proceed with any legal matters or actions required.