Counter Surveillance & Debugging

Eavesdropping has become one of the most useful techniques in obtaining information today thanks to the accessible, inexpensive and intelligent "hi-tech" devices manufactured in the Far East. In light of this, the use of hidden listening devices can be found in almost every aspect of life, whether it be in a corporate environment to obtain information on products, bids, employees or in the public environment to obtain personal or private information.

Hidden listening devices can range from wireless transmitters found in PDA's, night lights, picture frames etc... More advanced techniques can come in the form of listening software secretly installed on a person's mobile phone, GPS devices built for tracking and audio monitoring, "listening" software installed on computers.

Abir Global Security Service's Counter Surveillance Department specializes in locating any hidden listening device.

All our Counter Surveillance Investigators have extensive experience in the "hi-tech" communications field and have undergone specialized training and certification the counter surveillance field.

We use the most advanced technology available in the market today in order to provide the most professional and efficient investigation in locating any hidden listening device.

Our Counter Surveillance Investigators operate in Israel and abroad and perform "eavesdropping" checks in businesses, private homes, vehicles, control centers, communication lines and more.