The Polygraph Machine

The Polygraph Machine is a device that helps in examining the truth. Studies conducted around the world have shown that today, the Polygraph Machine may be the only tool available in the world that has the capability to identify whether a person is telling the truth or a lie with a 98% success rate (The remaining 2% is classified as someone who tried to disrupt the test and/or the results are inconclusive).

The word Polygraph is derived from two separate words, "Poly" meaning multiple, many and "Graph" meaning record or registration. The Polygraph machine measures and records the physiological responses of the examinee that is connected to the Polygraph Machine. The Polygraph Examiner is then able to analyze these physiological responses and identify whether the examinee is telling the truth or lying.

The responses measured from the Polygraph Machine are drawn involuntarily from the autonomic nervous system. The responses are measured from various sources such as blood pressure, breathing, and electronic conductivity of the skin. The Polygraph Machine translates the results into what is called "Charts" in the industry. The Polygraph Examination is a complex psycho-physiological process requiring a collaboration between a working Polygraph Machine and a Polygraph Expert, such as those that are employed at Abir.