Private Sector

In Israel, as well as several other countries in the world today, hiring a Private Investigator is the most efficient, if not the only way in which a citizen caught in a complex civil matter can find a way to ease the problems associated with litigation, domestic matters, and the variety of different problematic situations that may occur in one's life. Whether you require evidence for law enforcement, the judicial system or for your family members, hiring a Private Investigator is the best option.

Given the fact the police are usually engaged in investigations ranging from murder to drug enforcement, precedence always goes to the major felony cases. In cases such as harassment, employee theft, locating missing persons, and infidelity; all that the common law-biding citizen can do to obtain the evidence he or she may need is hire a Private Investigator.

Furthermore, in criminal cases such as domestic violence, physical child abuse, and sexual harassment, the police will not get involved or provide assistance unless unequivocal evidence of the offense is provided. This can be achieved only through a Private Investigator.

In regards to economic matters, in Israel there is no organized institute that assists its citizens to collect debts that are owed to them. Usually, the person or organization is left to locate the debtor and their assets independently. A Private Investigator can locate a debtor and locate assets in the name of the debtor.

Essentially, hiring a Private Investigator will assist in providing a solution and is often the only way the common law-biding citizen can find quick and efficient results.

Abir Global Security Services has the knowledge, experience and credentials necessary to conduct all types of investigations in a professional, efficient, and discreet manner.