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Security Consultation

Abir Global Security Services provides security consultations to leading corporations, particularly in Israel. One of our core values is to guide each one of our clients through every step of design, implementation and upgrade of their security system.

We believe that security is the necessary part and an ongoing process for any organization. Therefore, our approach is to provide uniquely tailored, professional and efficient security solutions to each one of our clients.

This method incorporates the necessary security requirements needed while maintaining a smooth working environment without causing any disruptions or disorder to the current business environment.

Whether a client requires the implementation of a threat awareness program or guidance on how to deal with abnormal employee integrity conditions, Abir Global Security Services is able to meet all his security needs.

Abir Global Security Services provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive Security Assessments
  • Design/Construction of Physical Security Systems
  • Security Management Services
  • Management, Training and Supervision of Information Security and Prevention of Industrial Espionage.
  • Upper Management Corporate Security Training
  • Covert Investigations
  • Prevention of Theft, Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Polygraph Institute
  • Security Tutorials
  • C-TPAT Preparation
  • Installation of Security Alarm Systems
  • Installation of Hidden/Visible Video Surveillance Systems
  • Counter Surveillance Services
  • Security Guard Services
  • Personal Protection
  • Brand Protection (IP)