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Profiling & Investigative Psychology Applications

Profiling & Investigative Psychology Applications for the Private Market

Business focused HUMINT analysis

Human focused personality-behavioral profile construction: dominant characteristics analysis, risk management, personal strengths & weaknesses, credibility features assessment, behavioral forecasts in different scenarios and operative recommendations for optimal psychological behavior maneuvering when in contact with the evaluated subject. The service is based on the expert's unique combination of field experience from the state internal-security sector as a Profiler and credibility assessor, and from his scientific academic knowledge.

Target market – who needs us?
Private-business at present or in the future includes delicate and significant interactions with one or more people. The wide variety of this kind of situations requires a thorough knowledge in advance of one or more target persons in various scenarios - personality and behaviorally wise. This knowledge will contribute significantly to decision makers before or during the interaction with the subject.

  1. Financial market:
    • BANK INVESTORS & PRIVATE EQUITIES – The service provides accessibility to critical knowledge before an investing decision. Distinguishing between different subjects in terms of their decisive personality traits and what can be expected of their behavior accordingly. Allows grading of recommendations based on a psychological viability scale prior to choosing the right person to manage the investment.
    • PRE-DUE DILIGENCE consultation (Including MNA, Acquisitions / Trades) – An initial and pre-assessment tool containing delicate personal knowledge on a subject/s relevant to the client. Enables access to what goes on below the surface of the leaders firm/organ under review before investing in it. This knowledge allows reducing uncertainty, provides real business conduct predictability insight. It improves the ability to manage risks before investing in a company run by people unknown to the investor.
    • Bank loans - It permits raising the level of certainty and significantly reducing risks by predicting loan repayment request presented by the potential borrower.

  2. Security, Investigation & Risk Management:
    • Personality Profiles, Credibility assessment and Interrogation measures on Key Players; Construction of Investigative Psychology Strategy profiles, including behavioral influence measures on specific human threats; Weakness psychological points identification; One time and Ongoing personality base Profile Negotiation consultation; Crisis Management; Interviewing, professional questioning & interrogations; Memory Enhancing technique via the Cognitive Interview.
    • Credibility Assessment – verbal & non verbal truthfulness subject analysis, including vast knowledge in Polygraph tests, verbal & non-verbal authority assessment.
  3. Executive Recruitment & Assignation:
    • The tool analyzes and predicts the behavior of the subject basing on the sum of technical and "dry" information gathered on the subject. The subject under goes an extremely thorough analysis with minimal contact with the profiler. The tool enables a unique, yet to be seen, "magnifying glass" effect on the subject's personality and sometimes concealed characteristics. Profile can contain his/hers behavioral actions during future scenarios relevant to the client.

  4. Mediation & Negotiation processes:
    • When company's representatives interact with foreign or unknown colleagues, in diverse business settings: A Tactical Profile plan of the other side will accompany and complete the business plan. Targeting the overarching frameworks in which critical decisions are in the hands of one or a few individuals.
  5. Knowledge acquiring:
    • Instruction, Training, Lectures and exercises on premises in profiling; Investigative Psychology, Profile base Negotiation & Interviewing, Credibility assessment, The Cognitive Interview and more.

Added value – why you need us?

  1. Assistance to senior decision makers in the process of carefully identifying the key personality factors and sensitive points of potential associates, competitors, senior employees, loaners, colleagues etc.:
    a. Increasing cautious and defusing un-certainty level in processes of risk management and cardinal decision making regarding people. 
    b. Establishing and increasing control on interpersonal business interactions.
    c. An in-depth tiebreaker tool, analyzing silent characteristics, providing practical solutions on who you're dealing with, what you should expect of him and how to use this knowledge.
    d. Special focus on analysis of relevant personality characteristics for the client via expertise in credibility assessment.
    e. When no real or close contact with the subject is possible or wanted.
  2. A parsimonious exclusive different angle of looking deep in a person's behaviors by analyzing raw and "floating" data concerning him/her. 
  3. Constructing full operative behavioral strategies founded on the assessed subject's personality strengths and weaknesses. Assistance in negotiation strategies consolidation. Providing real behavior and environmental "do's" and "don'ts" accordingly.


  1. Behavioral Analysis of conversations / meetings in various settings with the subject on behalf of the client.
  2. Databases analysis / social sharing online.
  3. Analysis of business intelligence collected by a third party on our behalf / on behalf of the client.
  4. One on One – meetings for the consolidation of "dry" data gathered by the Client on the subject.
  5. Processing "Floating" info. on the network - identifying relevant material and information in virtual sharing websites and forums, business and social.
  6. Completion of missing information, if needed, with the help of BI services, private investigation activities, background checks and more.

Method – How do we work?

Analysis and processing of information collected about the subject on the basis of scientific theories and findings of psychological validated updated research, and on the basis of operational experience in the police investigative psychology section. The analysis is based on a combination of deductive and inductive aspects. Deductive analysis is based on phenomenology. This processing emphasizes the need for a skilled restoration of the properties of the observed behaviors and the absence of comparison the same kind of behavior in similar types of subject. From the Inductive aspect, the profile is a comparison between individual behavior and the behavior of other people in similar circumstances as it emerges from research findings. The processing of the material creates the possibility to classify the estimated subject to similar types based on demographic, personality and behavioral characteristics.
The model recognizes the subjects Base-Line behavior and acknowledges anomalies from it via analysis of reactions to diverse stimulus exposures.
The analysis is done on both on the verbal & non-verbal known subject's behaviors.


2 levels of profiling products:

A: Opinion report regarding the general image of the subject being valued. A document containing the personality structure type of the subject. It includes descriptions of his dominant personality lines. Understanding the customer's needs, this document focuses on the relevant valued features of the subject in the framework of his special interaction with the client. This profile is built according to customer requirements and / or when information is multifaceted (e.g. - stems from at least two independent sources except the client) .

AA: Opinion report regarding including distinctive features of the subject's personality and behavior. Focusing on the characteristics relevant to customer requirements for managing an optimal interaction. Location of the subject on various properties delegates, led by delegates of reliability, loyalty, stability and other relevant aspects (e.g.: impulsivity, need for control, a need in society and in contact, self-monitoring, self-interest, fear, prejudice, and more). The opinion includes various operating scenarios that predict the future behavior of the important points valued to the customer. In addition, it brings specific recommendations regarding client-subject desired interaction context (e.g.: How to minimize attempts to exploit the trust placed in him; How to adjust our behavior and other behavior). This profile is built according to customer requirements and / or when information is multifaceted estimated (e.g. - stems from at least three independent sources, including meeting customer specification / s with esteemed expert).

Investigative Psychology products:

  1. Ongoing/on line profile based consulting
    Purpose - situations in which the profile was built and negotiating business or interaction is continuous and includes changing circumstances. During sensitive activity versus external objects or internal organization there. When various factors are changing dynamically with time and circumstance. Sometimes it is very difficult to predict what will be the next move of the other side. This product allows real time profiling support for strategy on the long or short term. The service is delivered by participating in meetings with the subject himself as an advisory factor and / or meetings with the client after 

  2. Interviewing senior candidate to a senior position
    Interview strategy formulation and questioning custom made. Emphasizing specifically features as the level of reliability, future intentions and main motives. This consultation can be carried out independently in the form of making interviews themselves, and as add-on layer that joins the recruitment system used by the company / client.

  3. Credibility assessment, Spokesman reliability analysis and written content analysis 
    a) Polygraph test administration of suspects or periodical in the business field.
    b) Using 'REALITY MONITORING' and cross comparisons of the findings with body language and behavior via 'Micro Expressions'

  4. Memory enhancing technique using the Cognitive Interview
    A scientific validated tool allowing access to lost memory information due to trauma or other allocated attention in a significant incident. 

  5. Psynalitics software
    Humint Personality & Behavior prediction - Profiling Software (now under construction). 
    This application will enable clients to monitor in advance predicted behaviors, threats and other individual characteristics. Tool is based on deep assessment of target users of all social networks.

  6. Training:
    • Lectures and exercises on premises in profiling & Investigative Psychology:
      a) A 2 hours lecture on "What is profiling."
      b) A one day colloquium on "remnants of behavior patterns as a doorway to the personality".
      c) 5-day seminar - "Introduction to basic concepts and building a behavioral profile".
    • Lectures and application training in professional questioning and the Cognitive Interview: 
      • A 3 day workshop – "The Cognitive Interview – from theory to practice".
    • Lectures and application training in professional Polygraph testing techniques & credibility assessment:
      • Multiple long term training programs in the operative field of credibility assessment via the polygraph lie detector.
    • Lectures and application training in professional credibility assessment in online interactions (e.g. questioning, interviewing etc.).
      • A 1-3 days workshop – "Applying verbal & non-verbal diagnostic tools to practical use for integrity assessment".