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Abir organizes and provides lectures on a wide range of security subjects to many public and private organizations and entities.

These lectures are given by Mr. Yanir Melech - CEO and founder of Abir; graduate of the IDF Junior Command Preparatory School in Haifa officer and combat soldier in an elite unit, IDF special operations officer, and a military services professional with over 25 years of experience in the administration, management and operation of military and civilian security systems in Israel and worldwide.

Abir Global Security Services was founded in 1995 and is today a trailblazer in the supply of solutions and services for the institutional, business and private sectors in Israel and around the world. It places at the disposal of its clients a comprehensive blend of diverse, unique and professional security services. The company’s activity is divided into a number of professional and specialized fields which work together as one cohesive unit. One of the fields is the prestigious Abir Polygraph Institute - A leading Israeli polygraph institute performing diverse testing in all areas to businesses, private clients and governments.