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Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as a Private Investigative Firm, Abir Global Security Services' Investigative Division performs a variety of complex investigations for the private, corporate and public sectors.

We bring with us decades of operational experience from various leading intelligence institutions, having conducted countless exciting and complex investigations. The vast experience accumulated over the years has proven to be invaluable in the implementation of high level investigations and fulfilling the specific needs of each client.

In order to give our clients the best service possible, it is our policy to consistently adapt to the ever changing needs of the investigative field and utilize the latest and most up -to-date technical and investigative techniques available today. All our investigators are "in-house" staff with many years of operational experience, having served in senior positions in the corporate, law enforcement, military and private sectors.

Security Consultations and Economical Investigations in Israel

Israel is considered the most advanced country in Western Asia in economic and industrial development. It is home to high-tech multinational corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many more.

Like other progressive countries, companies in Israel rely on security services to safeguard their businesses. Services like physical protection, risk assessment, consultancy, private intelligence, and cash security services are what companies would greatly invest their money on.

Abir Global Security Services is one of the best security solutions providers in Israel. We specialize in security consultancy and economic investigations that can be improvised and customized according to the company or the individual’s demand.

But what makes us different from other security companies? What makes our services exceptional?

Security Consultations

It is important for all businesses—big or small, startup or long-time company —to make security their top priority. This keeps them from unforeseen threats or risks that can corrupt your company’s future. Risk can be caused by several possible factors: untrustworthy employees, internal data theft, physical attacks on business systems, robbery, vandalism, assault, and even the problems caused by technology upgrades.

A practical solution in resolving these threats is to have a comprehensive risk assessment conducted by a trusted and experienced security consultant. Though most successful professionals suggest initiating the risk assessment at the primary phase of a business, some firms tend to set this aside to prioritize on what they think are far more important matters.

As a security company, Abir Global Security Services focuses on troubleshooting these risks and implementing a set of strategies that is necessary and effective for the company. These strategies should be able to protect your financial assets, valuable objects, employees, and information. As consultants, we follow a step-by-step procedure in managing risks: identify the risk, analyze the risk, evaluation, treatment, and monitoring the risk.

What makes us unique from other security consultation firms?

AGSS believes that security is a fundamental part and a continuous process for every company. Therefore, we aim to present the most desirable solution that saves and protects your company from these problems. We provide a state-of-the-art approach to the frequently changing and often uncertain business environment as we guide our clients through the design, implementation, and monitoring process of enhancing their defence.

Our methods incorporate only the necessary security requirements needed for your company, and we make sure that the implementation process will not cause disruptions or disorder in the workplace.

Economic Investigations

Like other countries, the crimes in Israel are present in several forms. Drug trafficking, murder, burglary, car theft, and human trafficking are among the crimes that have been keeping the police force occupied. But how about economic crimes like fraud and theft? How do companies trace the person responsible?

Abir Global Security Services specializes in conducting investigations related to economic crimes. We follow a systematic strategy in tracking, locating, and recovering your assets or money that is owed to you.

Company problems that involve embezzlement, money schemes, and security breaches can be damaging to your company’s business and integrity. Letting it slide might cause future problems that will break your employees’ dedication and your customers’ trust.

AGSS are experts in determining the root cause of the problem and the person responsible for the breach. We perform diligent investigations on all economical issues faced by a company or individual to maintain its integrity and reputation.

What makes our economic investigation services unique?

AGSS is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as a Private Investigative Firm to perform economic investigations for companies in the private, corporate, and public sectors.

Our years of experience in the security industry provides us with the knowledge and credentials needed to conduct thorough investigations in Israel. We have assisted financial organizations in locating disappearing debtors locally and internationally. Depending on our client's request, our investigations can be conducted privately or in a discreet manner that keeps your company away from media attention.

We also conduct private investigations to locate missing persons, for infidelity and divorce matters, background investigations, transcription services, neighbour disputes and harassment, surveillance, counter-surveillance and debugging.

As the number of threats, cyber-attack, identity theft, and fraud cases rises, the need for expert and practical security solutions would be very beneficial for every business or individual. AGSS is committed to helping these organizations by providing highly-trained professionals in the field of security consultation and economic investigations.

For years, Abir Global Security Services has been providing innovative solutions for companies across Israel. Our knowledge and expertise are reflected in how we adapt to current inventions, latest technology, and investigation techniques that are applicable in the constantly changing world. Our excellence has been tested by several organizations and by countless complex missions that we have completed throughout the years.

To know more about the services we offer, visit or talk to us directly at +972-4-870-5656.