Prevention of Industrial Espionage

"Espionage is the second oldest profession in the world, much filthier than the first." - Yanir Melech 1985

The business world attracts to it a variety of security professionals from around the world with the intention of obtaining information on competitors, customers, bids, business contacts, etc…

Experienced and veteran intelligence agents are compensated heavily by many businesses to obtain information by any means necessary, including planting undercover "moles" at competitor facilities and building a network of intelligence assets.

Unlike theft and burglary whose results are noticed and handled immediately, industrial espionage efforts can exist inside a business/company/organization for years without being noticed; eventually, attacking the sensitive points of the organization and possibly even resulting in its destruction. It is like a metastatic cancer, slowly eating away at a body and when it is finally noticed, it is too late to treat.

Abir Global Security Services Counter-Espionage Investigators are highly trained and experts in guarding and defending against corporate spies and their efforts. Highly experienced at protecting and guarding organizations information, our Investigators are exceptionally familiar with the human and technological defenses required to deter any means of attack. Our Investigators will focus on filtering out any method of attack and identify all gaps and intrusions of an organizations information system. Throughout the years, Abir Global Security Services has stopped and caught several industrial spies and brought them to justice.

The most significant factor in counter-espionage activity is to help an organization understand how to protect itself from the danger of industrial espionage by taking a proactive and highly-intensive preventive strategy against all forms of attack.