Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud has become common practice in today's society and is seemingly an easy way to obtain monetary compensation in a fraudulent manner. Popular examples of this are false reports about events that never occurred, exaggeration of damage assessment, etc…

Another prime example is the Law of Compensation for Victims of Road Accidents in Israel This law allows any person to arrive at an emergency room and report that they were involved in a vehicular accident. Even after filing a police report, the claimant can report that they were slightly injured and receive several thousand dollars from their insurance company. The insurance company will almost always settle with the claimant due to the fact that it is more economically beneficial for them to settle than to spend time and money investigating the alleged incident. The perpetrators of this type of insurance fraud are extremely familiar with the limitations of the system and exploit it to its limit when committing fraud.

Furthermore, there are many more complex and sophisticated insurance scams designed to get unnoticed, even from some of the biggest insurance giants. Abir Global Security Service's Insurance Investigators have extensive experience and have worked for several years uncovering insurance fraud related crimes. Our investigators are extremely knowledgeable and are able to detect the many signs and "red flags" of fraudulent insurance claims. All evidence obtained during an insurance investigation is prepared in a professional manner and submitted to our clients so that they may present it in court.