Exposing Embezzlement, Fraud and Theft

World studies have shown that often, damage to a business is done by its employees that have easy access to its products, relationships with outside vendors, and access to financial information. It has been found that these actions can ultimately bring down an entire organization.

Locating the factors, process, and avenues in which the theft and fraud occur requires special expertise and the ability to gather the correct and most accurate intelligence; whether it is through technological means or other investigative methods.

In addition, there are specific policies and procedures that have to be set in order to deter employees from committing fraud, theft, etc… Abir Global Security Services has created a specific division dealing with fraud, embezzlement and theft in and outside the work place. We have specific Investigators that have extensive experience and knowledge with these types of crimes, whether it is managing confidential informants within the organization or finding gaps and loopholes that can lead to financial loss. Over the years, we have successfully exposed and prevented many fraudulent schemes and incidents of internal theft; some of which have been publicized and reported in the news. Recently, our investigators exposed fraud within a procurement office whereupon a procurement officer intercepted an email from the Chief Operating Officer and added one digit to a number in the email; ultimately, embezzling a large amount of money and causing a loss of thousands of dollars to the office.

In many cases, it is difficult to trace the movement of funds; however, in light of our experience our Investigators have access to various intelligence sources giving the ability to monitor and report any negative activity. Our activity is performed in a very covert manner and only in accordance with the management of the organization, essentially the client. Moreover, when we receive authorization from the client, we initiate a more open investigation and our investigators begin to utilize all the tools that Abir has in its arsenal such as our polygraph institute, transcription services, technology division, surveillance teams etc...